10 tips to make hiring a car easier

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Top car hire tips from TCH

It is convenient for everyone to hire a vehicle. Renting a vehicle is an excellent option for a number of reasons. Our rental service is also convenient and affordable for people who need to hire vehicles for house moves, family trips or any other reason.  

TCHire has been in the vehicle rental business for many years and is committed to making the vehicle hire process easy and straightforward for all our customers. Our experts can help you get the most from your hire.

Our top ten tips for car hire

1. Shop around

We confidently offer this tip because we are one of the best vehicle renting companies in Wolverhampton. If you want to be sure that you're getting the best deal, it helps to shop around and request quotes from several companies. Online portals make it easy to compare prices quickly and easily.

2. Get a complete package

It is not a good idea to get hidden charges. We recommend choosing a vehicle rental agency that offers a complete, comprehensive package. Renting a vehicle from a company that provides a complete and comprehensive package (like ours) will ensure you get what you want.

Our rental quote covers all legal and safety requirements for the duration of your hire period. Our team will send you a quote, which includes insurance, breakdown cover, VAT, and the rental cost. Additional protection is not required. However, you can select any other services that are of your choice.

3. Additional protection may cost you more

Some vehicle rental companies may charge exorbitant excess fees. We offer a reasonable excess that is only required if the worst happens. However, if you have been involved in an accident, that is not your fault. Get the other party's details, and we will contest it for you.  

4. Always check your fuel policy

Different rental companies may have different policies for refuelling a rental vehicle before its return. The majority of rental firms do not provide any fuel refunds. At TCHire, we run on a like-for-like policy; you pay for what you use and return it the same as how you took it.

5. Clear on details

Knowing precisely what you are looking for in a rental vehicle and when it is needed will make the process of quoting your hire easy. Our team will assist you in finding the right vehicle rental for you by understanding your needs.

6. Requirements met

You may not get the exact make and model you expect, but that's okay. No matter your expectations, you can rest assured that the actual vehicle you will receive will match your requirements.

7. Always be prepared

Hire a car only if you have the proper identification and deposit available. We don’t want you to go home empty-handed. We need four forms of ID: your driving license, National Insurance Number or a DVLA generated code, and two forms of utility bills not older than three months in your name. For any vehicle that we rent, a deposit is required.

8. Take the time to read through the T&Cs

You are signing a rental agreement. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you have read the terms and conditions. Online access to our terms & conditions makes it easy to read and expedite the rental process.

9. Before you leave, inspect your vehicle

It is our goal to rent vehicles in the best possible condition. We take you to it and explain any problems or peculiarities to ensure you are satisfied with your vehicle rental. If you do not receive a walkthrough, make sure to insist so you can drive away with confidence.

10. Enjoy every moment

You can get many benefits from hiring a vehicle. Once you've found the perfect vehicle and hired it, you can start to enjoy it.

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Fantastic service at very good rates. Super friendly helpful staff.
10/10, faultless service.

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I've used TCH for a number of years. The service is second to none and the prices are very reasonable

– Daljit Shergill
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The service provided was very quick and most of all the person who served me was excellent with his customer care skills. A credit to the company as you don't get to see service like this anymore.

– Jasvinder Singh Tak
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If I need a van I will get a van, even if they have to stretch their resources. Never did I hear 'we can't help you', sensibly priced and quite flexible. Definitely worth recommending.

– Peter Czartolomny
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A truly great company to deal with, I've been using their services since 2008 without one single problem at all, great vehicles, great staff and everyone's always happy to help, they really are a pleasure to work with, top marks all around. Very professional, best hire company around by far :)

– Nicholas Parry
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Excellent vehicles and friendly service at a great price best place to hire from in the Midlands

– Steve Bronk