Golden Delicious

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Golden Delicious

We are immensely proud of Delicious and his impressive feat at the Commonwealth Games. Many are now referring to him as Golden Delicious for this Gold medal win in the Super heavyweight boxing category.

He competed against India's Sagar Ahlawat, the judges gave the first round to India, but Orie, adjusted and updated his tactics, and in the 3rd round, by unanimous decision, he secured himself and England the Gold medal. This is what he had to say

Gold medalist Delicious Orie
Image from Delicious Orie's Instagram
"It's possible to achieve what you want to achieve. I started boxing at 19 years old. I represented Team England at 25 and I just won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. It's possible, go out there and achieve whatever you want to achieve,"

With that powerful message and drive, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Delicious and what impact he will make in the sporting world.

The entire England boxing team did us proud, securing 8 medals in total and helping to attain the second position in overall medals and first place in boxing. The Commonwealth Games truly were a must not miss event, bringing the West Midlands and the Commonwealth countries together.

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