Christmas Raffle

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Christmas Giveaway 2022

TCHire's Festive Raffle

TCHire are excited to announce a giveaway that will arrive just in time for Christmas! We are doing a raffle this year at TCH, and the winner will receive an iPad.

We know everyone is busy this time of year, but we wanted to offer something special for our clients and customers. With the iPad, you can enjoy all your favourite games and apps, browse the web or watch your favourite shows - whatever you use it for; it will be a great gift!

Entry is easy, there are three ways to enter:  

  1. Hire any vehicle from us between the 22nd November until the 22nd December 2022 to receive a free ream of raffle tickets [5 tickets]  
  1. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook between the dates above and receive a free ream of tickets  
  1. Purchase your tickets in-house. Each ream will cost £1  

All the money we receive from the raffle will be given to the Good Shepherd Wolverhampton charity with a promise of TCH to match donations.  

The winner will be announced on 22nd December; get your tickets today for a chance to win!!  

We are so excited about this giveaway and hope you will be too. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!  

Why did we choose the Good Shepherd Wolverhampton?  

We chose the Good Shepherd Wolverhampton as our charity of choice because we believe in their mission and values, which align with TCH's own. This fantastic organisation has been working tirelessly to support people in need for over a decade, and we know that any donations we make will be put to great use. We are honoured and proud to be working with this charity, and we can't wait to see how our efforts will help the community of Wolverhampton!  

At TCHire, we believe in giving back to the communities that support us. That is why every year at this time, we host a holiday raffle, with all proceeds going to a charity of our choice. This year, we are proud to announce that the Good Shepherd Wolverhampton has been chosen as our partner for this year's raffle.

TCHire Holiday hours  

Closing Early - Saturday 24th December 8 am – 12 pm  

Closed - Monday 26th December  

Closed - Tuesday, 27th December  

Closing Early - Wednesday, 28th December 8 am -12 pm  

Closing Early – Thursday 29th December 8 am -12 pm  

Closing Early – Friday 30th December 8 am -12 pm  

Closing Early – Saturday 31st December 8 am -12 pm  

Closed – Monday 2nd January 2023  

Back to Standard hours – Tuesday 3rd January 2023

At TCHire, we take the holidays very seriously! That is why this year, we will be closing early on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, as well as being closed on both Boxing Day and New Year's Day. However, we will be open for the rest of the holiday period, so make sure to come by and visit us during our holiday business hours.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Remember to get your tickets before 22nd December to be in for a chance to win our holiday raffle! Good luck and happy holidays from all of us at TCHire.

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Fantastic service at very good rates. Super friendly helpful staff.
10/10, faultless service.

– Mark Darlington
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I've used TCH for a number of years. The service is second to none and the prices are very reasonable

– Daljit Shergill
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The service provided was very quick and most of all the person who served me was excellent with his customer care skills. A credit to the company as you don't get to see service like this anymore.

– Jasvinder Singh Tak
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If I need a van I will get a van, even if they have to stretch their resources. Never did I hear 'we can't help you', sensibly priced and quite flexible. Definitely worth recommending.

– Peter Czartolomny
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A truly great company to deal with, I've been using their services since 2008 without one single problem at all, great vehicles, great staff and everyone's always happy to help, they really are a pleasure to work with, top marks all around. Very professional, best hire company around by far :)

– Nicholas Parry
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Excellent vehicles and friendly service at a great price best place to hire from in the Midlands

– Steve Bronk